Wexford County Council Delegation Advances Economic, Social, Educational, and Cultural Ties in Savannah, USA

Savannah, USA – March 14, 2024 – This week, a delegation from Wexford County Council embarked on a mission to strengthen economic, social, educational, and cultural connections with Savannah, United States of America.

Day 1 of the delegation’s visit included insightful engagements:

  1. GEORGIA PORT AUTHORITY: The delegation toured the headquarters of the Georgia Port Authority, gaining valuable insights into the port’s remarkable growth and innovative utilization of rail transport within its Lo Lo (load on – load off) facilities. Notably, with an impressive handling of approximately 16,000 freight units daily, the Port of Savannah stands as the third busiest port in North America. The delegation noted potential lessons and knowledge exchange opportunities for Rosslare Europort and New Ross, crucial as Wexford aims for growth and competitiveness in business.
  2. WORLD TRADE CENTRE: A meeting convened to explore trade initiatives between the United States and Ireland, attended by Brendan Ennis of Wexford Enterprise Association and Colin Browne representing the ‘TradeBridge’ project. TradeBridge, a not-for-profit trade development program funded by Enterprise Ireland and local authorities in Southeast Ireland, seeks to enhance trade relations and economic growth. Subsequent engagements with Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA), Visit Savannah, and Film Savannah highlighted Savannah’s significant tourist influx of 17 million visitors annually and the substantial economic impact of the film industry, with revenues exceeding €5 billion to the city.

The Wexford County Council delegation’s visit underscores the commitment to nurturing international partnerships and leveraging insights for mutual benefit, exemplifying a strategic approach towards global collaboration and development.