Technical Business Analyst Ann Marie Tobin on working from The HatchLab

We met with Ann Marie Tobin who works remotely from The HatchLab in Gorey County Wexford

Ann Marie Tobin is a technical business analyst. Ann Marie says that she prefers to work in the HatchLab because “I work in a technical job. I need peace and quiet. I need high-speed broadband and a professional environment where I can have meetings. There’s a boardroom here, there’s different sized meeting rooms.”

While she loves the peace and quiet, she also felt a little like she was missing out while working from home.  “I missed people when I worked at home. I like a good laugh like everybody else. There’s a lovely diverse variety of people here working from different businesses. So it’s a wonderful space to work.”

She doesn’t however miss her former commute, “I’ve commuted and a commute would be an hour and a half each way out of your day, leaving very early in the morning and depending on traffic. I would not get home till seven or eight in the evening. So all these things it gives me back three hours a day.”

Check out what Ann Marie has to say about her experience working remotely from The HatchLab.

The Hatch Lab is a Tech Incubator space located in Gorey town, remote workers can enjoy access to a high-tech work environment. This purpose-built tech incubator space offers an all-bells-and-whistles professional working space. 

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