Physiotherapist Zara Murphy shares her working life from The Rising Tide Remote Work Hub in New Ross 

We met with Zara Murphy who works remotely from The Rising Tide Business Centre in New Ross County Wexford.

Zara is a physiotherapist and she is delighted to meet her clients at this centre-of-town location in New Ross.

Zara likes that her monthly rent for the use of the space includes all of the building amenities all under one fixed monthly fee.

“All the amenities are available so that you don’t have lots of different bills at the end of the day. It’s all under one monthly plan.”

Speaking of the town of New Ross, Zara says it’s a vibrant and thriving community. “There’s great community spirit here as well. I love working in New Ross because of the community spirit that’s here and all the facilities that you need from working aspects are within a short distance walk from the building. And there was a great historical aspect to New Ross and that draws in a wider community and more tourism as well.’

Saving time from a commute in her day means she has more time to herself, “Removing a commute from my working life has basically given me more time to myself in the evenings. And I’ve got time to train to see family to hang out with friends. You can just have a more balanced life.”

Check out what Zara has to say about her experience working remotely from The Rising Tide Business Centre in New Ross.

In the South of the county in New Ross at The Rising Tide Business Centre, remote workers can enjoy access to a choice of three newly renovated Georgian buildings in the heart of the town which offer a mix of private offices, hotdesk rental and meeting space.

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