Highly-skilled professionals from all over the world are moving to the South East of Ireland

A new survey has found that highly-skilled professionals from all over the world are moving to the South East for a better work/life balance, career opportunities, shorter commutes to work, lower living costs and more disposable income.

The South East Relocation Survey, released in July 2018, was carried out by National Recruitment & HR Services Group Collins McNicholas in conjunction with IDA Ireland.   The report included responses from workers who have relocated from 20 different countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Spain, the US, the UK and beyond.  A massive 95% of respondents say they now have a better balance between their working and home lives.

Since relocating to the South East — 86% have a work commute that is less than 40 minutes and 64% now have a commute less than 20 minutes. Interestingly, while 41.07% of those who moved back were originally from the South East, some 33% relocated from outside of Ireland. When asked about the factors that influenced their move to the South East, 86.36% cited a better quality of life while some 51% referenced being closer to family and friends.

The South East of Ireland is a popular and increasingly sought after relocation choice for people seeking a better quality of life, standard of living and increased disposable income, said Rory Walsh, Regional Manager with Collins McNicholas. ‘In IDA client companies alone, there was a 9.2% increase in employment in the South East Region during 2017 – the highest growth rate of any region in Ireland, including Dublin.  Growth is attributed to a number of factors’, notes Rory, ‘including favourable employment opportunities across all sectors.’

To read the full relocation report, visit collinsmcnicholas.ie